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Humans {A Miraculous Fanfiction}

Humans {A Miraculous Fanfiction}

75.1K Reads 5K Votes 23 Part Story
#sanusa af By Smartypants82 Completed

"T-Tikki?" Marinette asked with wide eyes. "I-Is that y-you?" 

"Plagg." Adrien started exceptionally calm. "Please tell me you have not gone human." 

Plagg and Tikki are human kwami's now, wich causes alot of things. 

Warning: This whole book is a stupid.

Alternative title:  Pun Land! Where the cats are out of the bug!

Highest rate:   #377 Fanfiction  (21-7-2016)

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Miraculous. Thomas Astruc does. 
I made the cover myself, however, i do NOT own the art. 
My spelling may suck, but i'm not gonna check it, so DEAL WITH IT

Main ships:
Cheesecake (Tikki and Plagg)

Chess_Cat Chess_Cat May 15
Welp, by reading the comments & what Adrien said, we can conclude that most ppl on wattpad aren't even human to begin with.
_groanage _groanage Apr 18
if the kwami connection is real, and i believe it is, then tikki should have known plagg was sitting in front of her everyday.
Shanilp Shanilp Apr 18
Just thought of something, what about menstrual cycles and using the toilet?
                              Kwamis don't have to use it...(do they know how?) I'm so confused and just going to shut up right now while still thinking about it...
*glances at Chloé* Chloe: Not you again...
                              *Cheshire Cat grin at Chloé* Chloe: Oh hell no...
Girl_sun093 Girl_sun093 May 13
Really, REALLY.
                              YOU GIVE HIM A CHEESE BECAUSE OF A PUN, A PUN.
Watch as he sees tikki as human form and doesn't get it... at all