Bad Boy(Jelena love story ❤)

Bad Boy(Jelena love story ❤)

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Biancs Relatives By mystic_wild_heart Completed

Justin's POV

Im sitting in the fucking principals office again and she's a bitch,I didn't even do anything wrong,I just put pin on everyones chair in class,its not even bad,

"I dont get why Im here."I said,

"Justin,you put a pin under everyones chair in class."the principal said,

"Not my friends chairs and plus its not even that bad ass,I've done worse."I said,

"Oh I know."the principal said,

"What's my punishment?"I asked,

"You get a three weeks detention and there's a new girl coming and you have to show her around,if your not nice to her them your suspended for a month."the principal said,

"Fine."I said,then someone knocks on the door and it open,

"Im here."she said and smiled,

"Hi Selena,this is Justin.He's gonna show you around."the prinipal said,

"Hi."Selena said and smiled,she's beautiful, no justin no,you dont like girls,now snap out of it,

"Yeah hi."I said,

Selena's pov

Well you can say he's a bad boy,

"Lets go."I said,then we walk out of the office,

"Are you s...

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mrs_white141 mrs_white141 Dec 23, 2016
If u don't like girls then are u gay tf lol, good start with the story. I'm already enjoying it😆