My Possessive Lover

My Possessive Lover

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Ishra hadhy By Perrie_Angles Updated Nov 11

Angelica was suddenly pushed onto the sofa and she gasped panicked by the sudden movement . 

She was shocked to see Aiden hovering above her .

" as I said before angel I don't share what's mine " and with that Aiden pulled her into a heated and possessive kiss . 

Aiden nibbled Angelica's bottom lips but angelica denied him, so he pushed his hand under her shirt and caressed her sides and angelica opened her mouth and Aiden slipped his tongue into her mouth . There tongues fought for dominance but Aiden won and he kept tracing circles on Angelica's sides and back . 

They pulled away for air and Aiden started kissing Angelica's neck to find her weak point and after few attempts he was successfully able to make her moan as he bit down her neck giving her a love bite.

All this time angelica was on cloud nine and she could feel her inside melt and all the butterflies in her stomach do back flips. 

**Read to find out more heated and intense romance of angelica and Aidan .**

Nehalovesbooks Nehalovesbooks 7 days ago
How did they even know that the maxwells are gonna have a daughter