My Possessive Lover

My Possessive Lover

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Ishra hadhy By Perrie_Angles Updated Aug 04, 2017

I gripped my fathers hand fearing that I was gonna fall down as I stood in front of the gate of the alter.

The music started and I took few deep breaths as I nervously clutched on to my fathers hand.

As we walked in, everyone was staring at me. My breath hitched in my throat as I felt my self getting more nauseous by the minute.

I realised we were near the alter when my father stoped walking.
I was hesitant and didn't wanted to let go of my father. So I did the next best thing, I hugged my father hoping that I would disappear. Someway. Somehow. 

"It's gonna be all right sweety" my dad said while giving me a kiss on the forehead and nodding toward my husband to be.

Silent tears streamed down my face as I stood near my future husband, and I was glad that there was a veil shielding my face, so that nobody could see me.

"Everybody, please be seated..." I concentrated on the bouquet in my hand and let the priests voice fade into back ground. While thinking about how much batter would my life would be if Gloria and Nathan hadn't been in that accident. 

Suddenly I was pulled out of my thoughts when a voice cleared. 

I looked toward the priest and he was staring toward me as if he was waiting for me to say something. 

"Do you Angelica Stacy Maxwell take Aiden Nightingale to be your lawfully wedded husband?" The priest asked again.

This was it, my life depend on this moment and I glanced at our audience. 

My mothers face was pleading asking me to say yes. But when I saw Mason's face,  I knew what I need to do.

"I-i do"

** Read and find out about Aiden and Angelica's journey of compromise and how it turn out **

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jihopejinmin jihopejinmin May 13, 2017
but you didn't you judged it by its author?? or previous book?
RowanWilson RowanWilson Jul 10, 2017
Interesting can wait to see the rest of this version. I wonder if they left that in their Will or something
Ankitahappy3 Ankitahappy3 Jul 10, 2017
I understand the writer changed the plot 
                              I understand the characters are same 
                              But this 👆 ain't making any sense 
                              Help!!!! Bruh please I will even tell you a joke
Franciscolaachowski Franciscolaachowski Jan 29, 2017
A queen is never too late, everyone else is simply early
                              That's my life motto but my teachers don't really like it :(
Nehalovesbooks Nehalovesbooks Nov 30, 2016
How did they even know that the maxwells are gonna have a daughter
ellisn12 ellisn12 Dec 18, 2016
Hey, if a girl wants to wear clothes that are too tight and complain. Let them. This is 'Murica (I think) the land of the free and the home of the brave‼️‼️