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The mask (ereri)

The mask (ereri)

8.5K Reads 399 Votes 8 Part Story
•Kookie•Ereri• By OlutoAckerman Completed

Eren jaeger has always been the trouble making kid but his parents loved him no matter what but they kept secrets away hidden in him locked up hoping they wouldn't be discovered or unlocked.
Until one day eren moves to a new city and a new school the people started to treat him like he wasn't human which confused him.
On that very day his parents were murded infront of his own eyes and eren unleashed the power he had kept locked away from him.

Oktapops Oktapops Jul 26, 2016
Thanks for the (so far) amazing story, but those grammar mistakes doe. Sorry... just sayin'. ^v^'
HomestuckXYuGiOh HomestuckXYuGiOh Dec 26, 2016
Wow this is a very fast paced story with little details. However, since it's only the first chapter I'll continue reading
....So what? Where is the punctuation? Where is the dialogue supposed to start and end? Why is the grammar so bad? Have you written before....? (I don't mean to sound like a bitch here but...)
lovelessisbay lovelessisbay Nov 29, 2016
God damnit all my new user names are gayger now.i see it here god