Billion Dollar Bribe

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N.K.Pockett By Mysterious_Writer Updated 4 months ago
Previously known as: Falling in Love with a Billionaire, major changed coming (2015+)
    "Let me tell you one thing I learnt in life, Never. Trust. Anyone," 
    Hot air fanned over my face as I was too still to know what to say next. Apart from, did he just...kill him?
    When Rose is found snooping in millionaire's suite room her life is forever changed. From a stupid one week working for him to another week searching for him. Secrets, business deals and feelings never belonged in the same room.
    Especially when you could only have one of them.
Oh God!!!!!! I spent 2 days looking for this darn story!!!! I had read the first 3 chapters but forgot to save it in my library!!!!!! YAY!!!!! Finally!!!!! it was getting sooooo goooood too!!!! 
I thought I would drop this if she dated her sister's ex! turn out he's not..ookkaaaayyy this will definitely be in my reading list for tonight's reading marathon.xD
Like the message, it was kinda creepy 'cos I was listening to Lollipop-Mika (the author's note)...
                                    Like it so far!
@Mysterious_Writeri wasn't saying spend all your time on it do one thing at a time its just I'm a small time publisher and I see potential in your work I'm going to put it like this don't publish a book without finishing it finish then publish thank you for responding so fast
First of all when you write a book like this you actually. Have to finish it its not a movie just finish writing. The story people hate when you do that u say u fixed the ending. But you DIDN'T
Heya again,, i seriously love this chapter, just started reading it too! Damnn you just keep the stories coming! Good work,, ttyl xx