The Suicidal Nerd and The Bad Boy

The Suicidal Nerd and The Bad Boy

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Hey peeps this is my second story. Don't be quick to judge but read away......

"I've tried to stop cutting..i did..but what more can you do to help me. I'm broken, a worthless-suicidal piece of nothing". She looked so pale and broken. Her skin covered with scars everywhere. I couldn't do anything but place my hand on her soft smooth cheek as tears fell down from it. I kissed her tears away one by one.


                       Meet Alex a painfully shy abused nerd that takes her pain by self inflicting on herself with a razor blade which she carries with her everywhere she goes. When it comes to people she don't know, she hides under her hoodie but one man seems to be breaking that wall she built. She tries to hide from the world. With her problem, it wasn't easy moving to a new school and meeting new people who only snickered at her whenever she cowers away from their touch! Not to easily mention she lost her mom; her only friend in the entire world.. Without her she has nothing to live for, till now!!!

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                     Now meet Kaden, he ain't your typical bad boy but he does have serious anger issues but that all deflates when he meets a scared scarred shy nerdy girl name Alex. His anger gets the best of him sometimes but not when it comes to Alex. He let her in and could it be that this shy scared girl is catching his heart. Will he be able to break down her walls she solemnly built or will this bad boy whos gaining a soft heart towards her break it down! Will he find out why she doesn't like to be touched without being told or why she flinches with short contact.

Through pain and suffering, through those dark secrets, Kaden will fight to teach Alex that there are many things to live for. 

But first, he will have to stop her from suicide or will it be too late............

Read an find out!!!!!

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