Crying For Help- Art Book #1

Crying For Help- Art Book #1

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Nightmare Fuel By ReindeerSkies Updated 10 hours ago

Hello, and welcome!

I'm Reindeer (aka Fox or Corvus), a female artist and animator who has no self-confidence sadly so hi.
I'm probably going to be very shy and studdery when I meet you, since oh well would you look at that, I also am socially awkward.
I hope you enjoy my art and my very crappy rants and chapters!
I honestly don't know what this book is but whatever. 


!!I drew the cover for this book, who is my character Reindeer. All art in this book is mine unless said!!

I won't pester u fam, XD, don't worry, but if u ever want to do and an art trade (when U want to and U decide to) I'm open always, but U PM me when U r really
                              DOO DODO DO DOOOOO
                              -spaz attack-
                              (MTT theme)
Um a art trade if you are not busy cause if you are tooooooo busy then it's fine I'm just wondering 🤔 so ya