100 Days with the Devil

100 Days with the Devil

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tessyoc By tessyoc Updated Aug 20, 2016

Life has nothing more to offer Mikaela Shindo after he is fired from his job and is left to struggle for ends meet. Fed up with it all, he attempts committing suicide but is stopped when a demon appears before him.

Taking human form, the demon introduces itself as Yuichiro, Satan's son. Yuichiro left hell after his father dimmed him worthless because he is too "nice" to be called a son of Satan. To prove himself worthy of being Satan's son, he has come to earth to retrieve a hundred souls and he wishes to start with Mikaela's.

Mikaela sees it as a joke at first but eventually believes. He agrees to Yuichiro's wish of taking his soul but first Yuichiro must grant him his own wish, a hundred days life of luxury.

Started: May 11, 2016

Warrior_Elli Warrior_Elli Sep 12, 2016
FandomsTookOver FandomsTookOver Dec 06, 2016
Hoe, I hope Ivan hits you with his magic metal pipe of pain.
raycharu raycharu Dec 28, 2016
All mika has to do is take off his pants.
                              Then yuu will want it back ;)
                              (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
NamanariEnoshima NamanariEnoshima Aug 22, 2016
* Clears throat * 
                              CHERRY BOYYYY!!!!🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒
xxXSeraphimiaXxx xxXSeraphimiaXxx Aug 17, 2016
It's possible that Nephilim or demon child could be like that. Never happened.
blancana blancana Aug 04, 2016
That hoe. Mika didn't deserve anything bad to happen to him. This is sad