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New Hope - A Girl X Girl Charisk Fanfiction!

New Hope - A Girl X Girl Charisk Fanfiction!

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Lil'ChariskSinner By CuteChariskStories Updated Apr 20, 2016

Best title ever. Ok, so basically this is a fanfic of Charisk, or... Chara X Frisk. And so just to roughly skim the top of what this is, it'll just be like... What they're doing how it started ect. Some chapters will have "Part [insert number here]" that basically just means there's going to be another part to this chapter. Also, they're both 16. Frisk is 7 months younger than Chara. Got it down to a science, heh. I will warn kissing will be added, if you don't like kissing then you're going to have a hard time reading some of the chapters, hue.  They're both girls, as far as what I wrote. Sorry if you think they are different genders. Ah, also, I will warn my terrible spelling mistakes! Anyways, hope you enjoy this.

*You feel all of your sin telling you*
                              Sin:do it NPC WATCH ALL THE LEMON CHARISK
                              me:but if my parents find out what I'm watching I'm will be drunk so hard
                              My Brain:NO MATTER WHAT DO IT OR I WILL MAKE YOU SICK YOU BOYISH
"Even if at some points of the day frisk may have gotten a little annoying" Wow savage
Mightypoocheyena Mightypoocheyena Jul 26, 2016
OMG right when chara said what is this feeling so sudden and new? I started singing loathing XD me: (sings) what is this feeling? So sudden and new? I felt the moment I laid eyes on you. My heart is pumping. My head is reeling. My face is blushing. What is this feeling?! (Keeps singing)
PhoenixSlayerMage PhoenixSlayerMage Sep 02, 2016
Your trash!
                              UNDERTALE trash EHHHHHHH ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
                              It's fine we are all under tale trash lol