The Maze Runner Zodiacs

The Maze Runner Zodiacs

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I'm not normal By hogwartsgirl666 Updated Oct 05

I've liked TMR for a while and when I searched for zodiacs, NOTHING CAME UP! 

So here you go. I present you the very first Maze Runner zodiac book ever written on Wattpad. 



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okie so. no way id be a bagger. i dont even do well witn blood let alone dead people. (ive taken tests. im a runner or a track hoe)
God I have to work with Gally?? One thing he better not get smart with me
AlmasaQalam AlmasaQalam Sep 09
Ooh! Does that mean we're also Runners because only Runners went into the Map Room? I don't think I'd be a Runner. Maybe a Med-Jack.