Criminal's Lover || VKook [Discontinued temporarily]

Criminal's Lover || VKook [Discontinued temporarily]

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小星星 By SmolBear Updated 4 days ago

Jungkook and Taehyung has liked each other for a long time, but either of them hasn't realized yet. Jungkook has moved away for a couple of years and has enrolled in Police academy, graduated early due to his high marks. He's transferred back from America back to Korea. 

Jungkook comes back to Korea, only to find that his parents arranged marriage for him, knowing his little feelings for Taehyung.

Lmao, please bear with my shitty writing.
Oh, and everything is unedited.

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Boi I thought I was young and then I looked at the comments
                              Y'ALL 14 WYD HERE
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Listen to this while reading this ff and thank me later ;)
                              I'm in love with the killer by Jeff the Killer! You'll love it :)
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Still haven't born at that time*waiting for me to born at that time while looking at my watch in my mum's tummy*
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Rawrtaekook Rawrtaekook Mar 16, 2017
Waaaaah. I prefer kookie top, but anyway its okay. I still love taekook eher
FaithDoge FaithDoge Nov 23, 2017
when you just finished reading a fanfic about smut and your mind corrupts
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YAY!!! I'm happy. Hope you guys are happy too! Please do not hate on her/him!