Criminal's Lover || VKook

Criminal's Lover || VKook

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윤서 By SmolBear Updated Sep 10, 2016

Jungkook and Taehyung has liked each other for a long time, but either of them hasn't realized yet. Jungkook has moved away for a couple of years and has enrolled in Police academy, graduated early due to his high marks. He's transferred back from America back to Korea. 

Jungkook comes back to Korea, only to find that his parents arranged marriage for him, knowing his little feelings for Taehyung.

Lmao, please bear with my shitty writing.
Oh, and everything is unedited.

SmolBear SmolBear Apr 25, 2016
Shhhhh Jungkook bein fvcked in his own office with handcuffs is somethin rite? Idk they can both change spots if they  want Idkkk @costcojeon