The LOVE of a BETA

The LOVE of a BETA

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rpetunia By rpetunia Updated Jan 19, 2017

Not caring that I was naked, I walked over to the Beta and punched him in the face. I heard a crack and knew I had broken his nose. His body fell to the ground and he grabbed his nose. Blood seeped thru his fingers. 

I bent down and grabbed his shirt collar. The smell of pine and vanilla invaded my nose. My heart began to race faster and my body felt on fire. 

The Beta was my mate. Mate! Zeus shouted to me.

This was not happening. The moon goddess could not so cruel. First, my mate is taken from me. And now, this sad excuse for a wolf is my new mate.  I glared at him and seethed, "Stay the hell away from my pups. If you so much as look in their direction, I will end you!" I let go of his collar with a push and turned towards my pups.

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I read the word like a true shinobi 😐😐 'Katon: Majestic flames' (insert madaras' voice)
DeathReaderSkylar DeathReaderSkylar Oct 07, 2017
It was funny when they said it in a few stories "I'll call when we get there" but they didn't call or even message. Ehh just saying