Crumbled Promises(COMPLETE)

Crumbled Promises(COMPLETE)

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Valerie By val15809 Completed

Everyone knows how it works: a girl gets in trouble and a guy swoops in to save her- that's how the story goes, right? Not quite. 

After her brother and her lover left for college, her parents fell into a dark pit of depression and anger that she fell victim to. After almost being beaten to death, she picked herself up and found herself a savior within the local gang leader. He taught her how to defend herself, how to fight and most importantly, to save herself.

Now she's a very fierce woman with a price on her head. Now she's a strong fighter known as Cobra. Now she's the single most feared gang member, and she's heading off to college.

How will she deal with the reactions of her brother and her ex-lover, who are best friends and were both fiercely protective of her when she was still sweet and innocent? How will they cope, knowing she has a price on her head?

Meet Dakota, she's a girl prepared to save herself.

{Summary by MadAboutMusic}
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  • abandon
  • abuse
  • bad
  • childhood
  • college
  • death
  • fighting
  • gangs
  • girl
  • guns
  • hate
  • hits
  • love
  • money
  • parents
  • short
  • story
  • sweethearts
  • violence
Ishita20044 Ishita20044 Sep 28, 2017
I'm a very huge feminist and I'm so happy this book is the way it is but I don't like the abuse but It doesn't mean I hate it
kitkat6236 kitkat6236 Apr 20, 2014
If you type on wattpad all you have to do is highlight what you typed and it'll give u the options of bolding it