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Slythrin Prince

Slythrin Prince

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Alekei Lee Smith By AlekeiAngel Completed

Albus Dumbledore believed he could 'Pull-One' over on the Magical Realm! He destroyed the lives of many Families and took a Magical Child whom belonged to the Gaunt Family being babysat by his Godparents the Potters. The child was mistaken for another that didn't exist and was placed with a set of Magic Hating Muggles.
Now not everything is as it seems...these Muggles did do one thing right. They continued to ignore the Magical Relam for their lives of 'Normalency' and sent the child to the farthest Orphanage in London!
Hadrian Syrus Gaunt is mistaken for Harry James Potter
Now allow me to indroduce you to the true Slythrin Prince!

tM0922 tM0922 Apr 25
Hadrian: do I know you?
                              Severus: you... you don't remember me?
                              Hadrian: well... you just started touching me and I'm curious why because you seem like a creep
                              Minerva: well... you have you father's sass
yourastalker yourastalker Dec 16, 2016
I just raised my hands and yelled "THE POWER OF CHRIST CONPELS YOU" at my phone
GiveMeAttentionPls GiveMeAttentionPls Apr 19, 2016
I have a feeling you don't like dumbledor very much. All your books have him as the bad guy
rosemarymac rosemarymac Jan 03
am I the only one who skims through it all and only fully read who his parents and what his creature inheritance
PearlLilyGranger PearlLilyGranger Oct 27, 2016
Why is he the master of death in every story?
                              Cause I once reAd a story in which death was Hadrian mate 
                              And i Hated it
No way.
                                    A series of essays anonymously published defending the document of the public.