Miraculous Mermaid

Miraculous Mermaid

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BluRoses By Blueroses1Pink Updated Nov 30

Marinette is a mermaid who loves to collect things from the human world. One day while exploring the surface she spots a handsome human and falls in love. How far is Marinette willing to go to be with her prince?

Mainly Adrienette I'm gonna try to throw some Ninya in there 

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Mermaids are real just because people havent seen them doesnt mean their not real and maybe there are people who have seen them but are keeping it secret, we never know
If mermaids were real I would expect them to be terrifying. This is mostly because my dad says that theyre evil sea sirens who sink ships... 
                              However, I read the Waterfire Saga so mermaids arent so terrible anymore.😂
I totally believe in mermaids!!!! And I bet Chloe is going to be the villian! Or someone else.....😂
if anyone wants i will follow them bcuz i am that kind of person :)
I BELIVE in mermaids because they have proof to there existence
AirashiLia AirashiLia Sep 08
I don't really know but I think mermaids are more realistic than Santa