Rent-A-Twink || L.S.

Rent-A-Twink || L.S.

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daddy kink louis™ By HxrryLouisLove Updated Mar 11

//Louis is a slut and likes it//

Louis is 17 and likes being fucked by older men and he's not ashamed. He is a prostitute but he doesn't like the term...he more likes Rent-A-Twink. You pay money, he'll do what you want. 


Harry is a 23 year old man and his family has been badgering him about finding a boyfriend and needs to bring one for a family reunion. Harry doesn't know what to do but then he stumbles upon a boy who might solve his problems.

Eso no le quita lo riquísimo 🌝
                              I mean, it still being tasty 😂😂
reminds me of a movie 
                              not The Proposal but something else, about Christmas and she uses the guy who works in her area to take him to meet the family
Tf? My dogs smart asf I just got her a week ago and she know how to get out of her cage at night and sleep on the couch but when she hears someone's door open she runs back to her cage