Brb (Hanjoo, boyxboy) {completed}

Brb (Hanjoo, boyxboy) {completed}

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Stacey/Izu By greazypizza Completed

Be Right Back. 

Hansol and Byungjoo have a two year age difference. Byungjoo's parents are gone most of the time and Hansol lives with his homophobic mother. His dad is always out traveling for business purposes. 

They're in drama class together and are willing to perform a play about love together on stage. But an 'unexpected' guest is there to watch them, and Hansol might have to leave Byungjoo.

ellmarcus ellmarcus Sep 08
😭😭😭😭 aww Bjoo, 😇😇😇 this was adorable btw
Boi you slay that fashion. Some days I'm like an LGBT rainbow flag then I'm all goth and shït.
That last bit about begging had me momentarily humming a Chris Crocker song mixed with and Adam Lambert song....
I joined this fandom like a week ago and I'm already in too deep
I give my self actual ones WHAT'RE YOU A MAN
                              OR A MUPPET
idjitmgc idjitmgc Aug 20
yeah ;;-/)-)))-) no ;;;;;-)-);-) homo ;-);-)-;-);;;-----))))