The Treasured Vale ~ Book 2

The Treasured Vale ~ Book 2

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Book 2 of The Vale Series...

A beautiful, runaway princess... a reluctant king... a twist of fate that brought them together...

Riven has spent the majority of her life trying to overcome a very traumatic experience from her youth. Just as she thought it was behind her, another blow is dealt leaving her no option but to leave her home and family to journey to an unknown land. And that is when things start happening beyond her control, leading her down a much larger path than she ever expected.

Malin was never meant to be king. He never wanted to be king. But with his older brother now residing in the mystic realm, the day to day running of their kingdom now falls on his unwilling shoulders. When a mysterious girl appears at the castle he begins to question whether this was the life for him, until he learns she is not at all who she appears to be. 

A dangerous predator threatens both their safety and that of their family's. Sparks and tempers will fly as the two royals discover each others true nature as well as come to terms with their own while trying to stay one step ahead of danger and intrigue.

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Havok4life Havok4life Aug 22, 2016
Gawain!!! Merlin is my favorite things and Gawain is just my favorite.
Fairytale_Fabler Fairytale_Fabler Nov 02, 2016
Beautiful presentation! I very much admire your media-crafting skills. And your casting choices are spot on too. I can't wait to get started...
Skyglider Skyglider Aug 11, 2016
Hehehe  I see Will Turner (Malin) and Elizabeth Swan (Riv) are destined for each other after all 😍😍(pirates of the Caribbean reference)
Skyglider Skyglider Aug 11, 2016
Man, I can practically feel the evil radiating off him
                              *got my eye on you sir*
AmorieQ AmorieQ Aug 11, 2016
That duke sure looks evil:( I'll be keeping the bat handy for him
WriterofPowerSurge WriterofPowerSurge Aug 11, 2016
Are Malin and Killian's names variations of Mahlon and Chillion from the bible book of Ruth? I noticed similarities