Beneath The Sea [Percabeth AU]

Beneath The Sea [Percabeth AU]

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Recipe for this story: a teaspoon of tragedy, a cup of dark pasts, a quarter-cup of romance, half a cup of forbidden love, two table-spoons of pirates and a pinch of mer-folk and magic.

Was that too confusing? Oh, I do give you my sincerest apologies. How about:

Perseus Jackson, the youngest son of King Poseidon meets Annabeth Chase, a fierce female pirate.

No? Maybe this will give you a clearer picture:

Percy Jackson, a merman prince, must fall in love before his eighteenth birthday. But even though girls throw themselves at him, he still can't seem to set his heart on one. That's until he meets Annabeth.

Annabeth Chase, a female pirate who  people say has a black heart, has a dark past. On the outside, she's cold and fierce, but on the inside she's a broken seventeen year-old girl. That's until she meets Percy.

When Annabeth's ship is caught in a storm and she, Piper, Leo and Nico are forced to flee, how will Percy be able to help them?

What? Don't look at me. I'm not supposed to tell you. Read the story yourself if you want to find out.

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Fjewkhey Fjewkhey Sep 10
"Falling in love is an amazing thing" until you get heartbroken
Is it strange that my first thought was 'Maximum Ride' Dylan?  Either way, I fell bad for Piper.
Just imagine every sentence a bunch of lil bubbles comes out
okay as soon as I read a storm was brewing thunder clapped outside my window..
“Oh yeah, I forgot you’re a bloodthirsty pirate.”
                              HOW TF DO YOU FORGET THAT?!
                              Nico: what were you thinking you can't just go around and murder random people!!
                              Piper: no you don't understand my father was trying to make me marry roman dude.
                              Nico: oh! That guy. Yeah he's a dick. Now I completely understand why you killed all those people, you may continue.