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After two failed relationships, Yugi Mutou, an Omega, is plagued with the thought of being heartbroken again if he started a new relationship, causing him to reject every Alpha who tried to court him into dating them. 

Clutching his heartstring that was strung with two shards from his past relationships, once pure and full of love but now black and shadowed with hate, Yugi vows to protect himself from becoming an Alpha's new toy. 

After all, he was one broken heart away from becoming unable to mate. 

However, Yugi will be challenged when Yami Sennen, the infamous Alpha playboy in his college, decides to claim Yugi as his next victim.

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Spy125 Spy125 Jul 04, 2017
I'm terrible at hands so I sympathize with yah there. As for eyes? Not really no... I mean human eyes? Oh no, I'm ABSOLUTE rubbish at those! Anime eyes? I can do those pretty well, if I do say so myself!
Inkspider17 Inkspider17 Jul 21, 2017
True though! Also..... Do u have wearwolf ears? What is this AU? Cuz it says Alpha and Omega soooooo...
Inkspider17 Inkspider17 Jul 21, 2017
Wut is courted? Imma sorry, I'm asking to many questions 😂
Puzzleshipper101 Puzzleshipper101 Jul 22, 2017
Me:*In singsong voice* Hilarious ~
                              Yugi- *Uses hair supplies to make hair flat instead of spiky* *Hair flip* 
                              Alpha- *Missing one eye* What was that for??!!!
                              Yugi- Being an idiotic Alpha!
                              Me: -Encouraging Yugi's actions*
Drawing hands SUCKS. I'm... Okay with eyes. Nothing spectacular, but it looks fine.
Puzzleshipper101 Puzzleshipper101 Jun 24, 2017
Agreed!!! I can't seem to get the eyes perfectly looking alike... Same with hands... They just seem AWFUL!!!