One piece X reader one shots

One piece X reader one shots

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Marie-chan By yuki-0123 Updated 6 days ago

What the title says! Comment any requests and ill do as many of them as I can.

Warning: contains strong language and there are some lemons! 

I do not own one piece or any of the images that are used.

Stella_Mii Stella_Mii Sep 03
Younger!Zoro x reader x Younger! Sanji .....? c-c-can it lemon?
May I req Shanks x Younger!Shy!reader? And Lemon Please? It's ok I u don't want to do it :)
_Lilium_00 _Lilium_00 May 01
If it isn't a bother I would really like to request Eustass Kid. Sorry I just love him so much!
darkelf1996 darkelf1996 Sep 21
can u do a Jabra and Dalton x chubby lemon with the mention of Polynesian tattoos
Ace x younger!reader, I'm so embarrassed to say this but..can it be a lemon
SEVEN MINUTES IN HEVEN PLLLEEAASSEEEE!!  for all of these characters - x reader , law , sabo , mihawk , ace , shankes  , coby , eustass-kidd , PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!!!!