Living With The Harts: Lucaya (Completed)

Living With The Harts: Lucaya (Completed)

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EVOLution By CrystalHarts Completed

When Lucas Friar's house collapse, him and his mother, Lacey, do not know where to stay. Luckily Katy, aka Lacey's bff, invited them to stay over.

Little did they know that Katy was Maya and Marcos's mother. Maya and Lucas didn't really get along. Marcos and Lucas are best friends. 

How will they react when they find out they have to live together? 
Will they destroy each other?
Will they fall for each other?

Read to find out!

Only made up characters are mine!

Hahaha I say this to her and my mom just ask if I just cursed at her and I'm like no why do u ask and then she doesn't answer and just walk away like I curse just not around her that much but I do sometimes
Good, he legally cannot have a break up with a certain astounding actress/singer/songwriter that makes me hate him in this story! Yay!
That is gorgeous! But it looks so big I might get lost 😉 small house girl here
kitties2002 kitties2002 Aug 09
7kids....2parents... Stuck in the middle?😂😂😂(I actually don't even like the show) no offense if any of you do 💕
peybrina24 peybrina24 Sep 17
wtf is this she has like 8 sisters she should be on that show what's it called?
Dakotah2004 Dakotah2004 3 days ago
Raising hope those girls are from raising hope I lovvvvve that show I wish it had never ended