New Ways

New Ways

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S. M. Adya By smadya Completed

Smart and arrogant Amery Tatcher has no care in the world about how she makes other people feel with the way she rejects her long line of suitors, the way she ignores her best friends when they speak and the way she bosses her minions around in the school's Student Union council. Often told off for her harsh ways, Amery remains undaunted and defends her behaviour as "for the greater good".

Funny and laidback Sigrid Sharma lives by her yogi parents' motto "Healthy plants and trees yield abundant flowers and fruits." However, she believes that being healthy does not only mean physical wellness but also extends to a happy and fulfilled soul. Forever seeking new ways to enrich her mundane mortal living experience, Sigrid has never allowed herself to limit her happiness to only one thing, or one person.

New Ways is a lighthearted story exploring the growth of two completely different girls as their fates (and hands) gradually become intertwined.

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