TOY (Taehyung/V X Reader)

TOY (Taehyung/V X Reader)

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Author-Nim By Kyukie2507 Updated Apr 29

~Who cares about my emotions
You can play with me until you're sick of me
You can break me if that's what you want
Because I'm a toy, toy~

Block B -Toy

((Guys my summary or Intro can't fit here so read the intro please! JEBAL!!))

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SeagullPerson SeagullPerson Mar 18, 2017
Because they're legitimately slaves that will do anything you want then get thrown away and eventually they'll take over Earth as the dominant species.
jsowmwnd jsowmwnd Jan 01
Okay...Okay..Put the gun down... we can talk this out •-• Goooood, Gooood
CrystalliaKitty CrystalliaKitty Apr 23, 2017
I feel so glad that I'm slowly getting obsessed with Seventeen.
Nightclawz Nightclawz May 31, 2017
Knowing my life ill get into block b too an dlearn about them quickly. Ill mistake some members probably too. It took me two months after bts' debut to know a difference between jin and hoseok XD
CrystalliaKitty CrystalliaKitty Apr 23, 2017
Wow D_O
                              I want a real life, living TOY with feelings...maybe Min Yoongi, or Kookie...
InAFrickinSpaceship InAFrickinSpaceship Jun 27, 2016
Omg I watched an anime like this, but the girls were computers it was weird, but cool.