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hollywood???? By lildior Updated Nov 23

"I love the way you keep them heels on Hair ain't 

yours but it's paid for and its real long

Show them tattoos when you switch it up 

with them Jay's  on.  And you got an ass so fat             

that I can't help but feel on. And you keep it real 

When it comes to having sex, girl you don't never 

flex. Long as I fuck you good You ain't worried bout 

what's next. That's why I keep you here you ain't 

like  them other hoes. And you the fucking best, just 

in case you didn't know. Cause you ain't got a half a 

million condo, and you ain't got a hundred 

thousand car, but you got a billion dollar baby, 

trust me I know. And you keep it hood no matter 

where you are. Cause you come from the GHETTO.

                      - August Alsina Ghetto

It's good but if you want to make it better don't have your character all over the place if you want her to be curving him then leave it at that for a few chapters because I swear she confused me .😂
Oh nah that "whatever floats your boat" part would've gotten me cussed all the way out
Girl you got all the way in his car 👋it's a lil too late for that
No but she taught me to bitches ass who get outta line lmfl 😂😂
I'm sorry but if she would've said that to me I wouldn't have been able to take her seriously😂👋
I eat noodles almost everyday too for an after school snack.