Secretly Crushing

Secretly Crushing

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Yann Hemmings-Styles :) By thatyannthing Updated Oct 05, 2016

Hailey Morgan.
Straight A student. Shy and Quiet. Not a nerd, but not a popular kid. Dubbed as the Invisible Girl.

Even if she's standing in front of you, you won't notice her.

Connor Anderson.
Average student. Kinda loud and arrogant. Part of the popular guys. Dubbed as one of the jocks.

They both don't have a clue on who each other was.
Hailey because she's not really into socializing, and Connor because, well, he never noticed her.

But what happens when Hailey suddenly develops a big crush on Connor?

Would she try to make him notice her, or will she just continue on secretly crushing?

  • connor
  • crush
  • hailey
  • infatuation
  • puppylove
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delynalarde delynalarde Dec 10, 2016
So hurt when u saw your crush have a girlfriend and holding handa in front of u
kimheasol kimheasol Nov 22, 2015
I love the start I also love the way you wright that is awesome
haley_mcpeak haley_mcpeak Jul 09, 2015
Oh. My. Gosh. That was an amazing intro! I loved it! Where did you learn to write like that? @thatyannthing
BroghanOHearn BroghanOHearn Oct 14, 2014
Haii c: Read the first chapter of my story "Mr Thomas" Thanks bbes <3