My Kitty Cat         .: Cat Noir X Reader:.

My Kitty Cat .: Cat Noir X Reader:.

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Luna-the-furry By writer-chan-69 Updated Jun 25, 2016

You are (y/n) (l/n). Once a miraculous user from (h/t). But when you move to Paris, what adventure will lie there?

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lilacutemsp lilacutemsp Oct 20, 2017
First I thought raccoon then I thought it was a fox then I realized it was a wolf (how fxcked up is my mind?)
Ninjaturtleslover1 Ninjaturtleslover1 Apr 24, 2017
No offense but you kinda spelled kwami wrong. I'm not here to judge your grammar and I'm truly deeply sorry if you feel that way
BrokenByHiraeth BrokenByHiraeth Sep 23, 2016
This is really good!
                              I'm sorry to nitpick, but it's spelled kwami not kiwimi. Sorry I'm OCD XD
ritxal ritxal Aug 27, 2016
I like how you're just like,
                              Thanks for reading!
                              Like that would actually fill the ever-growing void us fanfiction readers have in our souls...
YK1221 YK1221 Jan 23, 2017
I thought "Dude cool raccoon!", then I thought "I'm a fvcking idiot..."