Genderbend Frerard Oneshots

Genderbend Frerard Oneshots

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🐙 By revengera Updated Sep 06

The first/original genderbend frerard oneshot book :) 

I have no reason for making this other than the fact that there needs to be more genderbend fics so I'm contributing with a oneshot book full of gendedbend frerard

This will have random updates, no set time for them. 

I will take requests

[there is straight sex so don't whine, if you do by all means fuck right off] 

I will delete comments if someone whined about the straight sex, stfu

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How tf did I manage to read "Kink sized" instead of "King sized" the world will never know
lollipopgee lollipopgee Jul 31
we do not speak of the fake fan bait (says the bitch who turned emo after listening to stressed out to sleep every night for t w o m o n t h s)
_leathermouth_ _leathermouth_ Nov 24, 2016
Okay but I'm listing to this song and when I read this the guy goes" oh oh oh luxury chitty ching ching can buy anything" lmao
_leathermouth_ _leathermouth_ Nov 24, 2016
Don't worry Mikey I'm sure he talks real good care if gee >: )
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