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Sevens (Discontinued)

Sevens (Discontinued)

21.6K Reads 834 Votes 16 Part Story
Fizzy By FizzySoda_ Updated Jun 06

Seven. Seven children are chosen to have special powers. Love, Shadows, Physic, Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind. These seven children are all different.
Some excited for their new lives, others, nervous. But they learn together their true powers. 
Little do these children know that an evil queen Aphmau wants their powers. She will do whatever it takes to get them.

This was the Original Sevens, book. Please fuck off :)
Also I'm probably never going to finish this because of what people have done. Its the dumbest shit ever. A bunch of my friends loved this book, I LOVED this book. But some people out there have ruined it for me. :D Thanks

Sacredismyname Sacredismyname Oct 01, 2016
I really like the way you draw the characters.
                              I also really like ur style, it's a lot different to mine. (_••)
HopesandDreemurs3141 HopesandDreemurs3141 Dec 23, 2016
More small notes from me, it's supposed to be accept in this situation not except as that is used when excluding things. Just a friendly tip from your neighborhood Grammar Nazi
                              (please note, i used the term "grammar Nazi" in the term of being strict and detailed with grammar. It's a thing ya know)
randombushgirl randombushgirl Sep 22, 2016
i would have thought that Ross would be water....
                              oh well
                              I'll go with it!
HopesandDreemurs3141 HopesandDreemurs3141 Dec 23, 2016
Sorry if i'm being pester-some but in the sentence - As long as Father is with you- would it not make more sense for is to be isn't as he clearly wants to stay away from his father at the time?
SeungkwansAss SeungkwansAss Jun 16, 2016
I've read this book about 4 times now. That's how good it is