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Kidnapped To Be Maids {BWWM}

Kidnapped To Be Maids {BWWM}

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Dead Inside Out By WeirdCreative15 Updated Dec 23, 2016

Michelle and Shazana, 16 year old black girl's been best friends ever since first grade. When they were 12 they went to live with Michelle grandmother after their parents died from a car crash.

One night they were coming home from the store then got kidnapped by unknown French men then find theirselve as maid's in a mansion full of criminals.

Ethan and Evan Killmaster the twin son's of the mafia boss,sexy and dangerous boy's with mean attitude's meet's their new personal maid's.

What happens when dangerous mafia's twins start's to falls for  maid's

cuttieevermore cuttieevermore Dec 25, 2016
Every nigga I've ever dated always act like this afterwards.  Look im sorry  boi take this L unless you talking sugar daddy
Fatima1231203 Fatima1231203 Dec 24, 2016
Fûck Bj that's why bj stands for blow job that's his new nickname
JustAnAri JustAnAri Jan 06
If you didn't put that togther from the whole maids uniform..
JustAnAri JustAnAri Jan 06
I do have to admit...I like croissants and Cognac...and baguettes
cuttieevermore cuttieevermore Dec 25, 2016
When you only know Italian and Jamaican insults to say back damn
BookBoss4 BookBoss4 Dec 13, 2016
But doesn't it make sense not to gangbang and mess once you have a family  though?