Underswap Napstabot X Reader

Underswap Napstabot X Reader

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ιταchι By Itachiweasel Updated Dec 14, 2016

(Y:N) (L:N) is another fallen human. She an awkward kind of girl.. she doesn't really like love. So, she only has friends. Her friend Chara, helps her through the Underground, helping her with the fights she comes across with. Mostly its monsters. She goes through an entire adventure. But what happens when she meets a certain robot?


A:N Hey guys! @Itachiweasel here, I'm making another story for fun! I came across Underswap after a few months after I was introduced to Undertale with my friend. I had an idea to do this book. So... if you don't like it... THEN THAT SUCKS FOR YOU!

:X Sorry.... anywho... Mettaton or Happstablook might be in this.. maybe even one of my ocs... but.. if you don't like those, then don't read it! 
Enjoy the story Darlings~! ( Or as Napstabot says it, "Enjoy the story dudes!" or whatever...)


Craygurl78 Craygurl78 Nov 12, 2016
Since its underswap shouldn't it be Frisk because everything in that AU is swapped