Don't Let Me Go

Don't Let Me Go

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Lindsay By LindsaySlobojan Updated Mar 05, 2015

"Allison what's wrong? You haven't said  a word since we left," Lydia asked Allison as I listened in on their conversation.

"I've just been thinking about... stuff." Allison replied. 

What did Allison mean by stuff? Did she mean me? Of course she meant me, I had just attempted suicide in front of her. I would be thinking about how stupid I was too. 

Slowly, I turned my head back to listen closer as Lydia asked Allison if it was about me. 

"Because you know if you're thinking about getting back with him the make- up sex will be totally worth it." Lydia said to her. 

I turned around and couldn't help but laught to myself. It was hilarious even if I did actually wish Allison would want that. I knew she didn't though. Allison needed her space, she made that clear to me. I had every intention to give her as much space as she needed. 

As I watched Allison think, I noticed the tears forming in her eyes and I quickly stood up, and walked up the aisle kneeling down next to her. She was st...

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mariaelizatolentino mariaelizatolentino Jul 10, 2016
What season did you started writing this story?
                              Pls tell me
                              I just need 2 know