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Stiles was kidnapped by WCKD while the mysterious horse rider was in town, making many believe that he was taken by him. When he wasn't found, the FBI took it into their own hands and managed to find out where he was located (after 6 months) returning him home. And since he didn't remember anything, people get curious. And now if things can't get worse, he was on...bad terms with Scott.

He was skeptical of Scott, causing him to have a sudden outburst, which really took a toll on their friendship - which was hardly anything- and neither trusted the other, as they both had secrets they didn't want to tell the other. With that, and the rest of the pack constantly asking him about WCKD, he decided a little isolation was due. He kept his distance from most of the pack, the only exception being Lydia and Lizzy. (a new friend he made that is more than meets the eye) Things seemed fine for now. He had an almost normal life, that was, until he got a letter from what seems to be WCKD. 

And once that started, you can know that it was just the beginning of a whole truckload of problems. 

"What the shuck does that mean?"

Find out what happens after they find the code that could lead them to the unpredictable, only on CW. 

(I'm joking Kids. This isn't a TV Show. It's a fanfiction.)

[After Season 6 Teen Wolf][Right After Death Cure]

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I love all the curses in the note since they're all from my fandoms and a part of my regular day vocabulary 😂😂
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