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The Weasley Girl

The Weasley Girl

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Evergreen109 By Evergreen109 Completed

THIS IS NOT A STORY ABOUT GINNY WEASLEY!!! No, this story is about Lyrica Weasley Ginny's older sister. Lyrica Weasley is different from her family she is an animagus, she is able to turn into a deer. Lyrica is a very quiet girl but really she isn't afraid to tell the truth when asked...which ends up being quite annoying to her friends and family. She also isn't afraid of staring a verbal fight with someone. Another problem Lyrica has is that she never pays attention in any class what so ever other then transfigurations. How do you think that goes down with Snape? Not so well actually! But what did you expect he is Snape. But really the question is what happens when Lyrica falls in love with Snape?

LogicPolice LogicPolice Dec 06, 2015
I won't read it cuz its too weird to someone to be in love with snape :P
Evergreen109 Evergreen109 Dec 26, 2011
@IBreakHearts @MoonShoes_DC Awww thanks but I know I pretty much wrote the whole story like this I just get confused at times but in the new story I started I am working on that a bit....
MoonShoes_DC MoonShoes_DC Dec 26, 2011
geez, Snape is such an ass aha it's a good start! I agree with the person below though, don't space it out so much and add a little more detail, then it will be perfect! :) I voted!
IBreakHearts IBreakHearts Dec 26, 2011
This is a good start, maybe don't space it so much, and add more details? Overall I really did enjoy reading this.
Evergreen109 Evergreen109 Nov 06, 2011
@Adele015 tnaks so much I'm sorry I had to ask I just wanted to know if it was good or not thx!!!
Adele015 Adele015 Nov 06, 2011
This is amazing!! I love how defiant she is towards Snape. Looking forward to seeing where u go with these amazing characters :D