Panora {#Watty2016}

Panora {#Watty2016}

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Jacki Carter By rickrodan1000p Updated Oct 14, 2016

The prophecies spoke of the war between the supernaturals and the humans that would devastate the world. Only the chosen one can put an end to it, the Golden Wolf. But the same prophecies also speak of his demise. 

All hope is not lost, however. From a forgotten part of the prophecy, another will rise along side him, the protector, the Pan. Only with her help can he win the war destroying the entities that wish to bring the world into chaos. Only with her help can his fateful death be avoided.

But after a bitter past with her old clan, there is nothing Panora loathes more than werewolves. The only exception is her beloved son Sam. Away form the poisonous clan life, the two live happily in the hustle and bustle of New York City. The calm and families wheel of life turns steadily for them.

However, one night is all it takes to bring that wheel to a screeching halt. With terrifying speed, Panora soon finds her life spiraling out of control. Discoveries are made, alliances are struck and an unwanted mate is found.

As situations turn from bad to worse, Panora realizes that in order to protect her son, she's going to have to trust the same species she hates. Werewolves.

But that is far more easily said than done. Old habits die hard, and Panora's actions might not just mean the end of her son, but the whole world.

I hope you guys enjoy. This summary was made possible by minusfractions and rangerovers. The cover was made by  Graphics Elphadora

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This part is very more alluring, like I really wanna read more NOW
This is so intriguing, very different from other stories I had read, so I'm really stunned, and I do wanna continue
Honestly I the first paragraph, was very interesting, it honesty made me wanna see what's going on.
xxlumeniaxx xxlumeniaxx Nov 22, 2016
                              Great description! I close to never read werewolf books because they dont interest me very much. But since starlight wants me here i read it. And this book might change my view on werewolves ;)
CallingSilence CallingSilence Nov 14, 2016
Great opening! In just a few paragraphs you have perked my interest.
Maedeecox Maedeecox Feb 05
This is so beautifully written, it had its own unique vibes and I loved the fact that you changed up the everyday cliches. I have high hopes for this book❤️