Not Just a Fan

Not Just a Fan

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Cyrille By CyrilleN Updated Nov 04, 2017

{Charlie Puth Fan-fiction}
"Would you ever date a fan?"

WARNING: This story contains very sexual content and adult language!

Callie is 22 years old and has a little crush on the American singer, songwriter and producer: Charlie Puth. She's been a huge fan of him for 3 years. She never thought that she would meet him one day but she did after she moved to LA. And that wasn't the last time they met...

>>  I looked out to the window, thinking about Callie. I was excited for tomorrow. It happens rarely that I privately meet up with fans. But I like her. I really do. <<

>> "No. I'm good with being friends with Charlie. I don't want more. I don't have any feelings for him, he was just my celebrity crush and since I've known him better, he's a normal person to me. I'm not in love with him, he's just a friend to me," I explained to her and as I said these words, I was lying... <<

• hey everyone! I'm writing this because it's fun I hope y'all enjoy :) 
This fanfiction is also a more realistic one, because Charlie is not playing any other role than himself as being a celebrity.
My First chapters  might not be as good, but my writing style has improved. •

{there is also a French translation of this story}

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Hehehe DING DONG heheheh I don’t know why i find that funny
Shannonvf Shannonvf Aug 19, 2016
Hey !! I love your fanfiction lol, I wish it'll happen to me haha 😂 You have a beautiful writing ! I hope  you will  continue it !! I also hope he's gonna have a crush on her, it would be cute !! Great job Mai-Lii !!!!
CyrilleN CyrilleN Aug 20, 2016
@_Wonderful_ aww thanks so much!! This just made me really happy