It Came True (An Adrienette/Ladynoir Fanfic)

It Came True (An Adrienette/Ladynoir Fanfic)

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Lea By Marlean-the-fangirl Updated Jul 07, 2016

A Miraculous Fanfic

Marinette doesn't stuttter that much near Adrien now, but Adrien start to have a crush on Marinette. When their class was making a movie about ladybug and Chat noir. it was Adrien's worst nightmare.
But what if Adrien worst Nightmare came true? what is Adrien's Nightmare? What will happen? but it's sure to came true..

I don't own Miraculous: tales of ladybug and chat noir

How about: I fell of a bike or skateboard? But fell off a bed? Really?
CutieFerret CutieFerret Feb 13
Canon: why do I have to wait
                              Adrienette: XXUZ WERE THICKHEADED RETARDS
                              Me: explains many things
                              Fandom: (sighs and facepalms)
JadelynHitsugaya JadelynHitsugaya Sep 17, 2016
Am I the only one who thought of danisnotonfire when I read peasant?
I never thought that I would see this sentence credited to Marinette!
AphmauFandomSoldier AphmauFandomSoldier Oct 24, 2016
The only person I thought would fangirl all night is KAWAII Chan
panda0926 panda0926 Oct 01, 2016
God, Alya is a beast! Lemme help with that scrapbook!!!😆😊