I Want My Tears Back (GirlxGirl)

I Want My Tears Back (GirlxGirl)

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I remember it. I remember the day it all started and ended. All because of this young girl. She was no older than I was. 

The day was bright, sunny and warm. I was running in the meadow. The yellow grass so high it hit me on the knees. 

My mother and father was watching, how much I enjoyed the freedom. The short time of freedom I had.
Before I met hell. She was standing in front of me. Her eyes green, soft and big. Just like the nature that I love. 

She was staring at me softly, friendly. I had never seen her before. She was not from my village. I would have known.

I lost both of my parents that day, but for others, they lost their king and queen. Only because of that girl, that was our diversion. 

Now,  years later. She is coming back and ready for war.

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rain_89 rain_89 Sep 30, 2017
Interesting story.  Now I'm looking forward to the next chapters.
Kill_City_Blues Kill_City_Blues Sep 18, 2017
Welp... That's one way to start a story...
                              I love it! 💖💖
Player1ne Player1ne Jan 25, 2017
That, LOKI, sounds terrifying. 
                              I cannot stop with these puns and jokes. Omg.
DeathMysteryandCake DeathMysteryandCake Dec 18, 2016
We made walls to procreate ourselves from humans and animals
                              Okay, I get what you meant and I never comment on grammar (mines even worse),  but this is hilarious don't change this
Player1ne Player1ne Jan 25, 2017
Artemis! :D
                              Well of course, bows and arrows, and deers, mostly represent the Goddess, Artemis.
Player1ne Player1ne Jan 25, 2017
This story is, LOKI, really interesting to read :D
                              XD sorry, I had an urge to say this