Role Play [Harry Styles]

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Harry Styles is a world famous pop star. But he is also completely out of control. Management, his bandmates, and his fans are starting to become angry. He is sleeping with every girl he can get his hands on, drinking into the night, acting like a dick to everyone he meets.    Modest! Management comes up with the perfect idea to save his image. A girlfriend. A sweet, innocent, beautiful girl, who will role play his girlfriend and will keep him in check.     Audrey is an aspiring actress. She hasn't had any major roles, and is currently working at a coffee shop and as a part time model. While searching for auditions online, she comes across an ad for a daily acting job. The details of the job are vague, but the amount of money that is offered is too much to not audition.    When she is selected for the role, Harry automatically hates her. And she doesn't really like him either. But she wants the job more than anything. Can she handle the pressure, and will they ever stop hating each other?    © xcalliex all rights reserved.  Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this book's author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. AND NO YOU CAN'T TRANSLATE MY STORY THANK YOU. X
Ps the zayn wave was back in 2010/11 on the X factor live tour when they came to manchester haha
Met Niall, Liam, Lottie, waliyah, Lou Teasdale, paddy, mark and the band. Also got a zayn wave, louis sing to me and harry thumbs up and peace sign + sing to me when I got front row in their cardiff show on 6th June ;);)
30 million reads "worst thing i have ever written". i wanna see the best thing youve ever written then lmao
Wow she is so proud of her work. I wish to be this proud of my writing one day!
well I walked past zayns sister Waliyha at the cinemas and Nialls tweeted me
Awe lucky Josh is the definition of perfect he's so adorable