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Afraid Little Princess

Afraid Little Princess

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Bumblebee By Aprosexia Completed

Aubrey Winters isn't your typical teenager, she's so much more. With a hidden past, a bright future, and a sexy man, Aubrey has one fuck-show of a life. And don't forget about the kinky stuff! 
Includes Sex Scenes, Violence, Swearing,  Dd/lg, Abuse, and more. Read with caution. 
"P-please stop!" I whimpered over and over again. Quickly realizing my mistake, I cower away and wait for the impact. Not a moment later, a fist is flung at my already bruised jaw and multiple kicks are sent to my stomach. Theres blood on the floor, mine, and a few broken pieces of furniture, his. My wavy brown hair is roughly pulled harshly as the beast whispers in my ear,
"Fucking whore" Slap.
"Useless cunt" Punch.
"Disgrace" Kick.
And lastly, "A fucking fat, ugly, bitch" Finished off with a swift push to the floor, leaving me aching and crying.

Started - April 2016
Ended - June 2016
#15 - General Fiction - 6.13.16

Please tell me someone good comes along & makes her loved & safe... Please tell me she gets that... She deserves it. <3
UglyKitten UglyKitten Oct 27, 2016
Not the type of daddy i would want...  Id hate being humiliated. Id like a loving daddy
DreamlessNarwhale DreamlessNarwhale Jun 30, 2016
If he's not acting like a real daddy then why doesn't she just sneak out if he won't come back till morning?
chrysantheum11789 chrysantheum11789 Jul 30, 2016
I love your stories very much!!!!! I am also reading another of your Ddlg book....
annon1296 annon1296 Jun 22, 2016
No offense but she's 19 and wearing a tutu or did I read it wrong
UghCali13 UghCali13 Jun 15, 2016
I'm sorry but I'm dying because it says fish "a fish is flung..." I think you meant fist but if you did don't change it because fish is perfect like omfg 😂 I'm imagining her getting hit by Gordon Ramsey with like salmon or something I can't wtf 😂