All the Bright Things

All the Bright Things

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ファイアハート By Fireheart55 Updated May 21

When fifteen year old Mia Valdez's life seemed to be going to plan, everything was ripped out from underneath her. Her dad got a great paying job, and she and her friends were in a great place. But her life took an unexpected turn when she met Easton Greenway, CEO of the Greenway company. 

Easton Greenway was a hard working, business man who had his life sorted out. He was to go to work until dawn then go home that was full of people, maids, butlers, the cooks etc... but it was empty without his little. For over century's the Greenway's always had one girl to protect, possess, love, cherish and to a degree, control. At the age of thirty-seven, he gave up finding her a long time ago. Some brothers in the family  tree shared their girl but Easton didn't have any brothers. And he admitted to himself that he'd be too damn obsessed to share her with anyone.

When they met both of their lives flipped upside down but one question remained. How would they handle it all?

New interferences come in and confuse Mia, with an agreement her boyfriend made with three boys, Mia doesn't know how to handle it all.

Whats the big deal about a person asking if a girl is on her period. Whenever someone asks me that i just get a little awkward but never mad. Cuz why would someone want to onow anyways unless your a doctor or a man wanting to have sex
mates25 mates25 May 10, 2016
Really good so far! Please update! Thanks for the dedication😘
RM2050 RM2050 Jul 07, 2016
Isn't she like 15 how can she already have sex......I am 16 and I didn't even hug any guy in my entire life o_o
_ChillVibez_ _ChillVibez_ Jun 14, 2016
I Swear every time we either snap or get mad they assume we on our
That's very judgemental everyone does crazy thing doesn't matter who we fall in love but still to write something about a character who is being rude to another ones love affair and her self does the same thing in a different way... Not a good character at all
As_the_Blue_Man As_the_Blue_Man Dec 10, 2016
awww, that's so sweet. To bad someone in particular is going to ruin it.