The necklace(Vrene)

The necklace(Vrene)

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Ami{Hyemi} ψ(`∇´)ψ By Baby_Pika_Ami Completed

"Promise me to keep this necklace for me until I return." -Taehyung 

Years passed by faster in Irene's eyes but Taehyung still did not return.

"Yah, shorty!" 
"I'm not short! You're just too tall!" 
"You're still short." 

"Don't tell me this Taehyung is my Taehyung!?" -Irene

"I finally found you." -Taehyung 

To all you Vrene and BangtanVelvet shippers..
(Short story)
Started- 4/17/16
Completed- 11/26/16

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