Behind My Facade

Behind My Facade

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Emmy0212 By Emmy0212 Updated Apr 29, 2017

Tsuna, blessed with incredible strength and fighting ability, hides behind a mask. To keep his secrets hidden he does what he can, he is known as 27.

One day, an infant appears at his doorstep declaring himself the tutor of a certain Sawada Hatsu. Can he keep his secrets hidden? Or will he have no choice in the matter?

Might have ooc Reborn and other characters. May have some colorful words.

A/N: KHR does not belong to me

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TohruHiyuu TohruHiyuu Aug 06, 2017
I'm 27...
                              Ah ups i meant to say 707 lolol 
                              Greatest Hacker of all time ! *w*
                              Tsuna : Luciel stop hacking my account pls 
                              Luciel : buh =3= ur no fun 27~
Insane_Fanfic_Maniac Insane_Fanfic_Maniac Oct 11, 2017
Niji: Tsu Tsu~ you look so you look so young tho, I'm 6 and I look like 14. *pout*
                              Tsuna: Tsuki San, You look so kawaii!
                              Kiji: No I'm not. You're 27 and you look like a teenager, Baka.
                              Tsuna: *processing* wai- WHAT?! I'm only 13 tho!
Wind_Guardian27 Wind_Guardian27 Jul 12, 2017
You sound like a bloody brat. No one dares to command me like that..... If anyone dares to.... I will murder them.
Xerneasgirl01 Xerneasgirl01 Jul 17, 2017
When ever I read 'more than mets the eye' my mind autimaticly goes to transformers.
wan2108 wan2108 Feb 27
Hi Shadow,
                              I'm lazy.
                              Do me favor;
                              Get on the floor n b my shadow
otaku27_ otaku27_ Aug 04, 2017
If someone shouts like that to me, I would personally kick them in the place where it hurts.