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How I Found You (now published so sample only)

How I Found You (now published so sample only)

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Sandra By SandraCorton Updated Jul 30, 2016

All she wanted was a kitten to keep her company on her new farm, but new to town Aria Williams was finding that difficult to achieve. Having to escape her life, where her best friend ran off with her boyfriend, she broke ties with her successful band and left her life of fame behind her.
Scarred and battered Flynn Logan saw trouble on the horizon at Aria's arrival. As one of the veterinarians of their small community, he would never simply sell his kittens. Aria had to earn one.
His years in a war zone had taken a rough toll and left him with little trust for human society. In his world, his kittens would have the choice of who they wanted to live with and he stuck by those rules, until her.
After a tumultuous beginning, Aria begins to see something in him that rarely existed in her fame filled world. She saw a uniqueness behind his surly expression, and although she didn't want it, she found herself drawn to him.
When her secret is discovered, she can only wonder if their budding relationship can survive the news. Perhaps Flynn would be more resilient than she thought. He could lead her to greater heights than she had ever known, only time would tell.

TamaraDaley TamaraDaley May 21
Love this story already, can tell that Flynn and Aria are going to butt heads alot
tahlon01 tahlon01 May 03
Mum told me to name my kittens after something that I really liked because maybe they would like it too, I was five, their names are Dora and Bigbird or BB for short 😂
charbo61 charbo61 Apr 22, 2016
I'm in love .....and I cannot decide if it's  shnookums, Aria, Flynn or the runt! Maybe it's all of them! A month !?!? I know they are worth the wait! Awesome Sandra :)
eminord87 eminord87 Apr 23, 2016
Extremely captivating first chapter, I'm definitely hooked! Love it!
AussieChi6a AussieChi6a May 21, 2016
Tortoiseshell isn't a breed it is a colouring. And only female cats are tortoiseshells. Male cats are rarely tortoiseshells and if they are they possess an extra chromosome.
emeraldaphoenix emeraldaphoenix Jul 26, 2016
I was seven years old and I originally named him Cutie. It's horrible. I renamed him to Jem after Jem Carstairs of TID trilogy but he only responds to Cutie. 😅