You Say Reject, I Say Goodbye

You Say Reject, I Say Goodbye

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scientist By acatrerick Completed

I love being alone. That way I won't get hurt, and I can control everything in my life. Well, except my fate.


Oliver Amery is a nerd. Big round glasses, loose unfashionable clothes, and his non-stop stuttering make him being shunned away. Being accused for something he didn't do, everyone hates him.

Erick Cuatonov is the oldest son of Vuestozo Cuatonov, the biggest and most powerful pure alpha. He inherits his father's everything with his mother's wisdom. But sadly it's not enough to prevent him making the biggest mistake ever in his life.

Alyssa62703 Alyssa62703 6 days ago
I hope you choke on a dick and die then after you die I can burn you til your nothing but ash
AnnaRose187 AnnaRose187 Dec 21, 2016
Ur frickin amazing 👍🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 love ur books 😁✌️
ProudToBeUnique ProudToBeUnique Dec 07, 2016
We'll see about that when you're begging on your knees for forgiveness and he introduces you to his middle finger. BURN BABY BURN
ProudToBeUnique ProudToBeUnique Dec 22, 2016
OMG, Oliver's shifter form is so cute. He's so tiny and little. I just want to kidnap him and hug him and never let him go. *coos and aws*
Haru_767 Haru_767 6 days ago
Do YOURSELF a favor and don't come back. Live a happy life trash-free  
                              The end
Zingiberaceae Zingiberaceae May 01, 2016
Another interesting story made by you. You are a very talented author.