Flaws [Septicplier]  ✔️ Book 2  ✔️

Flaws [Septicplier] ✔️ Book 2 ✔️

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God why By vertifyz Completed

✔️️Sequal To Imperfections✔️  When Mark and Jack become official it's going to be difficult to keep their relationship together as they leave for collage and are placed in different dorm rooms, each one placed all the way arcoss the compus from each other. Mark is left to wonder if Jack still loves him after being ignored for 2 and a half weeks before Mark finally changes rooms to be with Jack. Mark will soon see what has caused this silence.

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Auto_Correct_ Auto_Correct_ Apr 16, 2017
I thought his hair was already blue🤔 Unless I was just making assumptions from what I read
Hailey11__ Hailey11__ Apr 19, 2017
But it has been a year and mark just started last year high school is 4 years that makes 0 sense
ILoveAnti ILoveAnti Feb 17, 2017
"a year since mark made me feel so good." idk y i love that so much
TheGreatHaydini TheGreatHaydini Sep 03, 2016
Uhm.. JACK KYS WTF IS THIS NO I WANTED A SMUT. *says in darkipliers voice* I have certain needs you know ;)
bluebearybeddy bluebearybeddy Feb 24, 2017
Mark: *in Dariplier voice* Don't deny it, you want this, kitten...
- - Nov 02, 2016
The book name makes me think of Flaws by Bastille.
                               all of your flaws, and all of my flaws they lie there hand in hand