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— r.t. By awriterwrites Updated Mar 26, 2017

Every stroke of my pen feels like coming home.


Highest Rank: #4 in poetry [May 17, 2016]

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Hurricane_Beware Hurricane_Beware Dec 26, 2016
Loving your poetry collection! Simply Fabulous! 👏👏👏
NerdCity0803 NerdCity0803 Jun 30, 2016
I'm a writer, so are you. We will see it through that we are great together. We will rule the world with art.
Autumn_Rainshowers Autumn_Rainshowers Aug 15, 2016
This reminds me of something I once read. It was like this, "You won't drown if you hold onto me as if I was your last breath."
smiling_soul smiling_soul Jul 05, 2016
Omigod, the feels...are like waves, I know I'd drown but still take the dive