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Aarmau, forever and always

Aarmau, forever and always

9.4K Reads 219 Votes 27 Part Story
Aarmau-Friends-FairyTail By AarmauLifeFairyTail Completed

After the play Aaron kissed Aphmau. All of a sudden someone barges in to ruin the moment. In a split second they get taken away from eachother! Aphmau  and Aaron try to become more but 2 people stop  them ( that's right you guessed it Garroth and Laurence)!! This  book will inclued romance,tears,  action, drama, cliffhangers. *Cough* me fangirling *cough*. And Chad? Enjoy Fellow Aarmuaers? I have no idea what i just wrote. ;)

GabbleGoose GabbleGoose Jul 30, 2016
Plz tell me I'm not the only one who is reading Kawaii~Chan's lines and hearing them as if her voice actor is speaking it 😂
Aarmau_Shipper360 Aarmau_Shipper360 Jun 26, 2016
Just block laurence and garroths number and nya~ i ship aarmau
Aarmau_Fan25 Aarmau_Fan25 Jun 03, 2016
Why this Aarmau story is boring? I SHIP AARMAU!!! But, I think you do not ship Aarmau?
Translation: Thank you Aaron~kun you may go now because Kawaii~Chan needs to go home and think of a plan. I MEAN NOTHING HEHE!?! Bye Aaron~kun.
keepbeinghappy keepbeinghappy May 30, 2016
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay aaron is FC this is a good book
Boostue21 Boostue21 Jun 22, 2016
Listen first off about the cover for this book.... True fangurls Dont.Do.Calm.