Heart Shaped Blood Stains (Jeff the Killer love story)

Heart Shaped Blood Stains (Jeff the Killer love story)

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- PART 1 OF 3 (Heart Shaped Blood Stains) -          

Kate Chambers was a sixteen year old sophomore, already moved out and on her own with her best friend Kyle, and living a completely normal life...        

That is until she finds a strange picture in Kyle's bedroom, of a man with a white face, a carved, fleshy smile, and silvery white eyes. From there, her IP address and curiosity unleashed her fate with a man named Jeff Woods, also known as, Jeff the Killer.             

He kidnaps her, keeps her for himself, and ushers her into a world of killing and insanity. As much as she wants to forget, to fight the feeling, and to return home, her past is destroyed, and she cannot fight the insane killer she has become.            

The reason why being: she falls in love, with Jeff the Killer.        

[the story's so much better than the description... please read!]

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                              Jeff:...umm...imma leave now, thank you..
Flamemefwa Flamemefwa Mar 24
pfft he didn't get the love for animals they can talk but we just can't understand them 😽
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I was watching south park before I read this. And I thought 'wow,his mom must be a bitch'.
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I would've just said it plain. "Kyle your a pain in the butt sometimes."