Own Me (Andy Biersack Fan Fiction) Temporarily On Hold|

Own Me (Andy Biersack Fan Fiction) Temporarily On Hold|

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Eden Biersack By Jvst_Eden Updated 4 days ago

**On hold but you may read anyway!

18 year old Harlow Pierre is a total band junky. She loves the band Black Veil Brides and is totally obsessed with the frontman Andy Biersack. She's also into kitten play. What happens one night when Harlow goes to a meet n' greet and meets Andy?
Will he accept her lifestyle?
Or will he get uncomfortable and reject her?

"Do you have any...fetishes?" I asked him as we approached his dressing room, he opened the door and the smell of cigarettes hit me, we walked in and sat on the black sofa

"No" He stated and I died a little inside, what if he doesn't accept me? the room filled with a thick awkward silence, so thick that you can almost feel it

"What about you?" He asked

"I'm into kitten play," I said and his eyes traveled to my fluffy black kitten ears and tail

"I'm assuming your kitty attire has something to do with it, right?" He asked and I nodded

"So what is...kitten play?" He asked and I mentally prepared myself to be rejected


**Note- this book is currently under editing as far as punctuation and detail goes.

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carolinaablack carolinaablack Sep 22, 2016
Spanish! Now my teacher may be proud of me for reading this, I wouldn't tell her though
JinxxIsSassy JinxxIsSassy Aug 13, 2016
Aaaaah this is adorabubble! Do you mind if I use this idea in one of my stories?
unwanted_flower unwanted_flower Nov 06, 2016
Don't make me go full Hispanic. I will grab my chanclas and beat the living taco bell out your ass
andyislif3 andyislif3 Dec 26, 2016
I think that'd creep me out but there's even worse fetishes out there like vore and, crush.
Unicorn1283 Unicorn1283 Aug 03, 2016
My friend did that once she is in a better place now... I blew up her phone with pics of him and I might have fan girl issues I need to work out with myself but yeah.
andyislif3 andyislif3 Dec 26, 2016
At school everybody calls me Andy and don't even know who he is. Only a few know who he is and the rest think he's my older boyfriend